Air to water heat pump

Nobody wants to waste their money. Since approximately two thirds of theheat generated air-to-water-heat-pump-220pxby the Daikin heatpump systems is free, the perfect solution is just around the corner.

Moreover, since heat pumps consume less energy than traditional heating systems,they also generate less co2  emissions. Air to water heat pumps use energy from a renewable source: the ambient air.

These energy sources are renewable and inexhaustible. Of course, heat pumps also need energy to function (mostly electricity), but increasingly this electricity can also be generated from renewable energy sources (solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, biomass).

It is no surprise that people are becoming aware of new heating technologies. In less than a decade practically all properly insulated buildings will be heated with heat pumps. Millions of heat pumps have already been installed in residential and commercial applications. So… why wait? 95% of our air conditioning equipment can heat and/or cool and thus are heat pumps.

Daikin ALTHERMA… Tomorrow’s solution today!

Air to water heat pump

Daikin Altherma is safe, reliable, highly efficient and a low carbon solution for home heating and hot water. Daikin Altherma heats up to 5 times more efficiently than a traditional heating system based on fossil fuels or electricity. By making use of the heat in the outside air it uses much less energy, whilst still providing year round comfort. Daikin Altherma low temperature split refrigerant system consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor hydro-box that can be connected to all standard low temperature radiators and underfloor heating systems. Daikin Altherma Monobloc has all hydraulic components in a single outdoor unit and no refrigerant handling qualification is required. Inverter technology means energy savings are even greater.

COP (Coefficient of Performance)
The COP is defined as the ratio of output energy in kilowatts (kW) and the input energy kilowatts (kW). The higher the COP, the more efficient the system. The Daikin Altherma
heat pump has a COP of 3 to 5, which means that the pump delivers 3 to 5 times more energy than it uses. From 1 kilowatt of electricity Daikin Altherma produces 3 to 5 kilowatts of available heat.

Minimal installation cost
Daikin Altherma takes heat from the air. No digging or excavation works are required. Both the outdoor and indoor units are compact. The outdoor unit can be located easily outside any building, including apartments. Without flames or fumes, there is no need for a flue or constant ventilation in the room, where Daikin Altherma’s indoor unit is installed.

Flexible configurations
Daikin Altherma can be configured for use in both new and refurbishment applications and connects to standard low temperature radiators, under floor heating or fan coil units.
If you already have a heating system, you don’t need to change everything.

Complete comfort for the family
Daikin Altherma not only satisfies heating and domestic hot water requirements, it also comes with a cooling option.

Absolutely safe
Daikin Altherma doesn’t need oil, gas or other hazardous substances. Moreover, you don’t need a gas connection or a fuel tank. No risk of intoxication, smell or pollution from
possible leaking tanks.