Heat Reclaim Ventilation

HRV helps create a high quality environment by interlocking with the air
conditioning system.

The HRV (Heat Reclaim Ventilation) recovers heat energy lost through
ventilation and holds down room temperature changes caused by ventilation, thereby HRV-220pxmaintaining a comfortable and clean environment. This also reduces the load on the air conditioning system and conserves energy. In addition, the HRV interlocks with Air conditioning systems and automatically switches over ventilation mode,further increasing the effects of energy conservation.

HRV operation has been centralised on the air conditioner remote control allowing total control over air conditioning and ventilation via a simple configuration.The current line-up includes models with DX coil and/or humidifier – the DX coil helps prevent the direct impact of cold airflow upon personnel during the heating cycle and vice versa. High static pressure enhances design flexibility.