• VRV-Pic1VRV-Pic2Increased EER/COP thanks to the redesigned 8HP unit
  • Outdoor unit capacity up to 54 HP
  • Wide range of indoor units: 13 different models in a total of 75 variations
  • Flexible combination of outdoor units: small footprint combination, high COP combination or any other combination of your choice
  • Compact size of outdoor units
  • Increased external static pressure: up to 78.4Pa
  • 2 steps in night quiet mode: eg. 10HP: 58 dBA, 1st step: 54dBA, 2nd step: 45dBA
  • RoHS compliant
  • Easy combination with HRV
  • Connectable to current Daikin control systems:  DS-net, Intelligent Touch Controller, Intelligent Manager, BACnet Gateway, DMS-IF
  • Easy installation thanks to automatic refrigerant charging operation, automatic test operation
  • Refrigerant containment check function