Air Conditioning Installation

Air conditionerOur design team here at Arctic Aircon Ltd have a reputation for and thrive upon developing solutions to the most challenging of building and architectural service applications. Arctic have the resorces and staff to provide a fast yet effective tailored service that meets all your requirements. We can carry out our air conditioning installations quickley & with minimal disruption to our customers.

With Engineers that have over 25 years experience within the industry we tailor every project to meet the customer’s needs, whether it’s a single air conditioning installation or large multiple VRF system Arctic will design, install, commission and maintain the project to the highest standard, all to Part L2 Building Regulations. Our London and surrounding areas air conditioning installation services are both quick and affordable. From the moment you contact us we will arrange an appointment to visit your property and assess what units are required. For more information on how we can help you choosing the right installation. Simply call us today.



Service Coverage


Single unit air conditioning systems for wall, floor or ceiling mounting.

For a permanent cooling or heating solution we have a wide range of wall, floor or ceiling mounted split air conditioning systems. A split air conditioner system comprises two elements – an internal and an external unit. The internal unit is fitted to a metal plate on a wall, in the ceiling or floor mounted in the room to be cooled or heated, whilst the external unit is situated outside the building.

SingleRoom-AirConditioning-Pic1The outdoor unit is connected to the indoor fan coil using copper pipe. The external unit, or condenser, removes the heat from the room and dissipates it outside, along with any condensation that’s built-up in the system, whilst the internal unit provides cooling or heating.

A split air conditioner requires professional installation but offers flexible, attractive, quieter and much more powerful operation than a portable system.

Our range of split air conditioners includes models with outputs from 2kw to 14kw. Features common to all these types of air conditioners include:

  • Easy installation
  • Very quiet operation
  • Air filtration
  • Remote control
  • Timer controlled
  • Oscillating vanes for maximum air distribution



Multi Splits


MultiSplits-AirConditioning-Pic1Multi-Split Inverter Heat Pumps are one of the most popular. The Multi-Split system usually allow from two to five wall mounted, ducted, floor mounted or ceiling cassette indoor unit heat pumps of different capacities to be operated from a single outdoor unit. This makes it an economic answer in multi-room applications.

Mini VRF’s

With one single outdoor unit the Mini VRF inverter driven system can feed eight indoor units, and is extremely efficient yet small enough to fit virtually anywhere. It offers flexibility and control and is both powerful and compact.

Mini-VRFs-AirConditioning-Pic1Designed to bridge the capacity gap between the versatile multi-split systems and the larger capacity VRF systems. Designed to operate on R410A refrigerant, this space saving system offers all the groundbreaking technology and benefits of large VRF but in a more compact unit. This solution delivers the precise control required by smaller offices, shops and private applications.

Comms and Specialist

data-comms-220pxServer and data room/suite operators require very precise control over the temperature levels of their rooms in order to ensure the computer equipment used therein does not overheat and malfunction. Each room is unique in the equipment being utilised and it’s particular cooling requirements but always stability and reliability of the system is key, ensuring the IT equipment runs smooth and the business suffers no down time.