Ceiling Cassette

Ceiling Cassette – your comfort. our world.

The unique 360º radial air pattern ensures uniform air flow and temperature distribution. ceiling-cassette-220pxThe slim FCQ-C model has a low installation height, perfect for applications in restricted false ceilings.

o Air flow flexibility: a wide selection of 23 different airflow patterns enables unit installation in corners or small rooms.

o Horizontal air discharge: ensures draught free operation and prevents ceiling soiling.
o Wired remote controller: provides a 7-day schedule timer, enabling the user to program the air conditioning daily or weekly, with up to 5 different actions per day possible (BRC1D52 standard / BRC1E51A optional).

o BRC1E51A – New optional wired controller: allows easy navigation through menu items, via a personalised display and minimal number of buttons.

o Self-cleaning panel (available as accessory): Maintenance time and costs and energy consumption reduced.

It is equipped with a special rounded filter, which automatically cleans itself once a day. The dust from this filter is stored in the indoor unit and can be removed with a normal vacuum cleaner.

o Home Leave operation: in case of extended absence, this function automatically keeps the room temperature at a specified favourite comfort level, by switching to heating when it reaches the minimum level and to cooling when it reaches the maximum level.

o Air purification filter: removes airborne dust particles to ensure a steady supply of clean air. It can easily be removed and washed.

o Self diagnosis digital display: in the unlikely event that an abnormality occurs, the LCD remote controller displays the error code allowing prompt maintenance.

o Auto-restart function: after a power failure in the building, the system automatically restarts to the setting in operation before the power failure.

o Modern style decoration panel in pure white. Standard model also available with white louvres.