Ceiling suspended units

ceiling-suspendedCeiling suspended units are the ideal solution for rooms without false ceilings. These indoor units are perfect for uniform air distribution in large spaces because of their long air flow. Suitable for ceiling heights of up to 3.8m without loss of capacity.

o Comfort Inverter technology: reduces the power consumption by up to 30% compared to non inverter units and ensures maximum comfort, low noise and reliability.

o Wired remote controller: provides a 7-day schedule timer, enabling the user to program the air conditioning daily or weekly, with up to 5 different actions per day possible (BRC1D52 standard / BRC1E51A optional).

o BRC1E51A – New optional wired controller: allows easy navigation through menu items, via a personalised display and minimal number of buttons.

o Home Leave operation: in case of extended absence, this function automatically keeps the room temperature at a specified favourite comfort level, by switching to heating when it reaches the minimum level and to cooling when it reaches the maximum level.

o Vertical auto-swing function: flaps automatically swing up and down to ensure efficient air and temperature distribution which also prevents ceiling soiling.

o Dry programme: Daikin’s special dry programme reduces humidity in the rooms without variations in internal temperature.

o Forced off: The optional forced off enables the unit to switch off automatically, for example when a window is opened.

o Air purification filter: removes airborne dust particles to ensure a steady supply of clean air.

o Self diagnosis digital display: in the unlikely event that an abnormality occurs, the LCD remote
controller displays the error code allowing prompt maintenance.

o Auto-restart function: after a power failure in the building, the system automatically
restarts to the setting in operation before the power failure.