High-performance Daikin Water Chillers
Daikin chilling units employ advanced technology that provides highly accurate temperature control to within 0.5. They are widely used in applications ranging from air chiller-220pxconditioning to industrial equipment. Recent changes have introduced new models with substantially increased capacities of up to 480 HP and various model series, including advanced inverter type units, year-round cooling type units, and units with brine-resistant specifications. By providing a full line up of heat source series choices, Daikin offers an even more flexible array of solutions for a wide range of heat source applications.

Air Cooled Water Chillers
Dedicated water chillers are able to operate year round because they can accommodate a wide range of outdoor temperatures. The high-performance models with capacities of over 40 HP deliver precise capacity control from 10% to 100%. They are fully capable of withstanding the demanding conditions typical of industrial applications.

Air Cooled Water Chillers – Heat Pump Type
Energy-saving, air-cooled heat pump system units are an economical way to provide a reliable supply of hot and cold water. Highly efficient and compact since no cooling tower is required, they are also suitable for office building air-conditioning. These high-end models provide an answer to a variety of air-conditioning requirements.

Water Cooled Water Chillers
Water-cooled units provide a stable supply of chilled water year round and are unaffected by changes in the outdoor temperature. In addition to air-conditioning applications, they are also a highly reliable, industrial process-cooling solution thanks to their superior stability and wide temperature control range.