Wall Mounted

Sleek Design
Available in two different colours – matt crystal white or
sandblasted aluminium – Daikin Emura is a new high inverter
heat pump, wall mounted unit, that blends iconic design towall-unit-220px
engineering excellence. Its ultra thin profile and elegant finish
can complement any stylish interior. The sleek appearance adds
an additional dimension to Daikin’s well-known brand values of
superior comfort, quality and reliability.

Eco Cutting-Edge Technology
It’s hard to believe that underneath the smooth and ingenious
profile, this smart unit houses so much advanced technology.
Daikin Emura benefits from one of the most recent innovations
in intelligent climate control.

Thanks to Daikin’s inverter technology the desired temperature
is reached more quickly and maintained at the desired
temperature with less fluctuation and fewer stop/start cycles.
Energy savings up to 30% over non inverter systems and a
remarkable reduction in CO2 emissions are the result of a
technology focused on helping to preserve the environment.

All under control
As well as offering cooling, heating, ventilation and
dehumidifying, Daikin Emura combines extreme energy
efficiency and user friendliness.

A large controller display provides an overview of the unit’s
operation mode, and user friendly buttons give you easy access
to Daikin Emura’s built-in intelligence. The design of the handset
received just as much care and attention in order to match it
perfectly to the unit. As with the main unit design, much of the
functionality of the handset is concealed by a sleek exterior in
white, to complement the look of Daikin Emura.

The operation mode can be easily identified by the LED at the
bottom of the unit.
Red – heating mode
Blue – cooling mode
Green – dehumidifying
Orange – timer mode.